COVID Policy and Procedures- 

These policies are set in place for your safety and that of our staff.

Store Hours 

    Sunday and Monday Closed

    Tuesday - Thursday 12pm-6pm

    Friday 12pm - 5pm 

    Saturday 10am - 2pm


If our door is lock during our business hours we have met our max capacity, please wait, we will be with you soon.


~Masks are required.


~Please limit your party 1 parent/guardian and dancers.


~If you have been experiencing flu like systems please do not enter the store.


~While shopping maintain social distancing, 6 feet apart.


~Credit or Debit card is highly preferred over cash.


~Upon entering, hand sanitizer is available at the front counter. Please no gloves.


~You may try on clothes, with proper undergarments. When finished return all items you tried on to our staff, do not place them back on the rack you find them .


~Extra guest seating has been removed, please do not sit on our fitting benches unless you need shoes.


Shoe fittings:

  • Masks are required.

  • We will provide a disposable try on stocking which must be worn during fittings, no personal  tights or socks.


Pointe Shoe fittings: Appointments are required for ALL pointe and demi pointe shoes.

  • Masks are required.

  • Please wear CLEAN transitional tights, we will provide a disposable try on stocking which must be worn over your tights during fittings.

  • You must supply your own toe pads, spacers, etc.(unless this is your first pair) We will no longer offer samples for trying on pointe shoes. If you forget your padding items you will be required to purchase new products.

  • If you are looking for a group fitting please contact us, we have to take into consideration our limited capacity allowance. 



* We reserve the right to adjust these policies at any time base on our county heath officials and the CDC.

Thank you

The Dance Bag Staff