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How to sew your first pair of pointe shoes.


Your Supplies

step 2a.jpg

Take your ribbon and cut it in half making 2 equal pieces, one for each shoe.  With adult help burn the cut edges to prevent fraying. Once the sewing is completed you will cut your ribbon one more time.


Start with your heel elastics. If you loop your elastic (Demi Pointe) you will have 2 elastics. If you criss cross, you will have 4 pieces.  Place Elastic 1 pinky fingers width from the main back seam.


Begin your sewing using the stitches in the drawstring casing as a guide. Make sure you don't sew the actual drawstring. Use simple in and out stitches. Sew the edges down, see above.


As you reach the end of elastic remember to sew the edges down. As seen above. Once the stitch is complete and the first row is finished drop the stitch down to the satin (just below the drawstring) and repeat the stitches going back the other way.

step 3c.JPG

Your heel elastic should look like the above picture. Remember to lock down all 4 corners of the elastic. Now you're ready to move on the side ribbon and elastic. 


Fold the heel of the shoe completely flat with the back sole of the pointe shoe. Use a pencil mark to make a small dot to mark your place (arrow). Ribbon and elastic get stitch on the inside of the shoe here.


To hold the ribbon and elastic in line and on the shoe you may use a straight pin. Stitch all pieces together at one time: shoe, ribbon and elastic. Fold the ribbon over the end of the elastic and begin your stitches matching with the drawstring casing.

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